Closing the Gap – Part 11

Challenge #10  — Who Defines ‘Best Practices’ or ‘Standard of Care’?

This is similar to Challenge # 6, but is a tad different because it also ties into Challenge # 3. How should we approach a property loss from a service, quality, technical and financial perspective, especially when restorers and insurers each have a vested interest in the outcome?

I believe that best practices from a technical perspective can only be developed by the restoration contracting community. These professionals are the ones actively engaged in the true process of damage repair and are the only ones capable of sharing, based on real experience, what works and what doesn’t work. Restorers should be open to hearing new concepts and testing new technologies, but how they get integrated into actual practice, and therefore get adopted into a standard of care, needs to remain in their hands.

But I also believe there is a place at the table for insurers in the development of best practices from a service, quality and financial perspective. There is a shared customer of each party who expects a good experience from their chosen service provider—insurer and restorer — and therefore much can be gained by working together to create that positive experience. Until that gap is bridged to determine how to accomplish this, friction in the area of who defines best practices will continue to build.

(To be continued…)


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