Closing the Gap – Part 15

Fact #3 – Auto Portends Property

This is a simple one.  Because of their lesser complexity and, to some degree, massively higher volume of claims, insurers have tended to implement material changes to their auto claims processes before they implement comparable changes in property.  As a general rule, the implementation of property claims strategies tend to trail similar auto strategies by about 10 years.  The clearest example of this is direct repair programs (DRPs), or networks. DRPs were introduced to the auto world in the later 1980’s.  The DRP concept in property was introduced in the later 1990’s.

So What?

So there you have it.  Ten core challenges, one critical barrier, and three overriding facts.  All of which must be considered before attempting to propose any type of solution which will close the gap between insurers and restorers.  When we return from the holidays and embark on a new year, I will offer up one possible solution, and then follow that up with a more desirable and practical  solution #2.

(To be continued…)


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